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We can help you sell your junk car or truck for cash. We buy cars for cash, you will get a guaranteed offer and free pick up.

Testimonials From Car Sellers

Our entire team strives to help car sellers with the most pleasant and professional experience possible.

Seller Testimonials

"Very friendly, paid more for my junk truck than others would, and was on time with the tow truck and money. Tow drivers were awesome too, friendly and even helped push the truck out of the garage. Easy process overall, would definitely recommend!"

Kirk Miller (Tacoma, WA) 6/18/19

"This place is the real deal. Very professional, and prompt customer service. The amount they offered me was completely fair and I would definitely recommend you give them a try. I definitely will be going to them with no hesitation if I ever need to again."

Kei Bubba (Denver, CO) 6/18/19

"They made getting rid off my old Scion fast and painless. Lexi was very personable, she gave me any information I may have needed and checked in before and after the car was picked up. A+"

Austin Hughes (Houston, TX) 6/18/19

"When I called Junk Car Zone I was not expecting to get as much money as I did for a car that was almost totaled. Didn’t have pink slip or keys and they were still able to take the car on my schedule. Would recommend to anyone trying to get rid of a car."

Vincent Rosado (Los Angeles, CA) 6/18/19

"The junk car zone team was very professional and quickly reacted to all questions and concerns that I had. The tow truck showed up on time and the entire process was effortless on my end. I'd recommend this to others if they have a vehicle that they want to sell as a non-op."

Frank O'Connell (Fresno, CA) 6/18/19

"Cool staff to talk to and quick service! Super happy with the experience!"

Blake Mallory (Detroit, MI) 6/17/19

"The people that work for this company are the nicest people I have ever done business with. My son had an old junk car that I thought was on my property but part of it was not, so the city tagged it giving us a few days to move it or have it impounded by the city. All the other company's said it would take a few days to get an appointment, but I told this company my problem and they got me an appoint for the very next day. The tow truck driver was friendly and courteous and gave me the money for"

Gladys Fox (Tacoma, WA) 6/17/19

"It was a simple easy process without any hassle. They were friendly and polite from the front office down to the tow truck driver. If you trying to get quick cash for your used car I would recommend their services"

Bernardo Richards (Bowie, MD) 6/17/19

"Excellent service. They paid cash on the spot and the tower was professional and efficient. I highly recommend them for anyone considering their service"

Robert Beard (Harrisburg, PA) 6/17/19

"Easy and fast process for getting rid of unused vehicle. They even rescheduled pickup after it was discovered I had wrong title notarized."

James Norton (New Orleans, LA) 6/17/19

"Got in contact with them and decided to sell my car to them. Within 30 minutes of submitting my info I received a call and we went from there. Everything went smoothly. Would recommend to anyone selling a car."

Irvin Blandin (Houston, TX) 6/15/19

"Showed up on time and did extra to get car out of a tight spot. I would use this company again"

Paul Rash (Midland, TX) 6/14/19

"I tried 4 other companies, all at the same time, trying to get my car picked up and taken away. The second I contacted these guys, they made it happen! They push to complete the transaction and make it smooth far quicker than anybody else!"

Daniel Covert (Athens, GA) 6/13/19

"Awesome experience! We got $200 for our junk car!"

Beth Kane (Anderson, SC) 6/13/19

"Made the best out of a bad situation for me. Engine blew minutes after the water pump leaked radiator fluid in my 2008 Ford Edge. Just had over $6000 in work done (covered by insurance) from hitting a pothole and only had under 125k miles with all maintenance kept up. Lots of moving parts on my end working out if any of the repair was covered by the previous garage and insurance. They worked with me every step of the way even as I had to change pickup locations and move the date a few times. M"

Al Lecorchick (Savannah, GA) 6/12/19

"I had a wonderful experience with Brother Car Buyer. Customer service was great. I was looking to get rid of my car quick and easy and at a good price. If I could I will rate them 10 stars thank you for your business."

Melissa Tomlin (Paterson, NJ) 6/10/19

"Good costumer service and easy fast to come pick up. Very happy"

Manuel Sosa (Riverside, CA) 6/10/19

"It took no time for the gentleman to get me an amount for my vehicle. They were fast and checked to make sure I was happy. They were courteous and polite. Thank you for all your help ??"

Holli Berube (Orlando, FL) 6/7/19

"Good service if you have a junk car I recommend then"

Marcos Carrillo (Glendale, AZ) 6/7/19

"Great experience. Very professional. Easy to work with. Fair price. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs to junk their car. Thanks Dan and Jeff!!!"

Kenneth Henry 6/4/19

"Communication between myself & the folks at the company stayed in constant consistency. They were professional, kind, & respectful. Enjoyed working with them."

Samuel Hardy (Nashville, TN) 6/4/19

"The company was great. The complete process was smooth, fast, and seamless. Their customer service was great. Each person I spoke with was very helpful. The driver was friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Candace's assistance was EXCEPTIONAL!"

Ja'Nae Jonesee (Dallas, TX) 6/2/19

"The great attentive service that they provide, the timely manner in which they provide it, and the ease of dealing with their customers in the highest possible aspect of professionalism. Thank you so much Brother Treehouse Brittnee is awesome"

Denah Sinclair (Orlando, FL) 5/31/19

"Great service. I was kind of iffy about the price but when the representative explain to me the services I was ok. My truck was picked up and out of the driveway the next day. My check was given to me the same day and on my way to the bank I went."

Drena Jordan (Norfolk, VA) 5/30/19

"Arrived on time. Quick and easy transaction"

Jesse Hohol (Erie, PA) 5/28/19

"Extremely good customer service. I was able to schedule a car pick up time that was good for me. The driver was very kind and gave us the quoted price. During the whole transaction, the company was going above and beyond making sure that my car got picked up and sold smoothly. After trying to sell with other companies that never came through, selling with this company was a very pleasant experience!"

Lanner Poth (Dallas, TX) 5/25/19

"The process from beginning to end was smooth and very detailed. They ensured I was well taken care of and communicated with me even after my car was gone to ensure I was taken care of and compensated well. They are the best!!!"

Shawn Thomas (Orlando, FL) 5/25/19

"Everything went smoothly, made it very easy for me, from the beginning to pick up."

Sue Cameron (Vancouver, WA) 5/25/19

"I recommend Junk Car Zone because they are easy to talk to and they are just as reliable. Everyone I came into contact with throughout the experience was helpful & friendly. They made the process easy. Pickup is just as easy as the phone confirmations were. It was an overall great experience."

Taylor Marie Anderson (Wheatfield, IN) 5/24/19

"The whole process was awesome. In the middle of the process I lost my title to the car. They were so wonderful about everything. The tow truck driver was wonderful, it was great experience, I would totally recommend!"

Dacia Reed (Orlando, FL) 5/24/19

"They are fast and efficient. No other junking companies got back to me when I inquired about my car. They made sure the entire transaction went smoothly. They’re with you every step of the way. Thank you so much!!!"

BaoHan Tong (Orlando, FL) 5/24/19

"Incredible service! Came in and picked up my old car the same day. Thank you for the professionalism."

Lenny Ramos (Manhattan, NY) 5/24/19

"I was looking to junk my car the same day I had to catch a flight later that evening and Wheelzy made that possible. They provided excellent customer service and prompt communication. They prioritized my car to be towed that very day after explaining my situation, and the tower was quick and easy. Very convenient service with flexible and friendly service. Saved me a trip to the junkyard thanks to Wheelzy - highly recommend!"

Sabrina Trask (New Orleans, LA) 5/24/19

"Junk Car Zone is the real deal as far as getting your old piece of junk taken away. They were fast and prompt. Wish I could have gotten more for my car, but it is what it is and when a old car you need to get rid of and don't feel like haggling, they are prompt. Thank you"

Samuel Clark (Irvine, CA) 5/22/19

"Great experience, really easy process from start to finish. My car needed to be jumped to be towed away and they took care of it. Even moved up the appointment time to accommodate. Highly recommend!"

Alex Singletary (Portland, OR) 5/22/19

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