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Testimonials From Car Sellers

Our entire team strives to help car sellers with the most pleasant and professional experience possible.

Seller Testimonials

"Super helpful. Quick service and a fair price! So easy!"

Lindsay Evanoff (Atlanta, GA) 01/18/19

"They did me up great! Answered all questions and helped me every step of the way! Next day they took my car but could have also done it the same day as well! Check them out????????"

Michelle Reid (Los Angeles, CA) 01/18/19

"They gave me $120 for my old useless Buick and towed it as well. It took a little bit for the tow but they were fast in responding to my questions and concerns and went above and beyond in making sure my car didn't get towed by my crazy landlord! I would definitely recommend to a friend."

Benjamin B (Louisville, KY) 01/17/19

"They kept in contact with me and arrive exactly on time!"

Becky Hargrove (Jacksonville, FL) 01/15/19

"I had a great experience with this company when my 15 year old Saturn car died. It really alleviated the headache I had with trying to figure out what to do with my car. I receive an online quote followed by a text message where I sent some pics of my car then I got a quote and the I accepted the offer. I then received a call from the towing company about an hour before they showed up. I received my check and my car was towed away Free. Thanks again !"

Margot Velasco (Los Angeles, CA) 01/15/19

"Finally got rid a car I drove for 17 years and had for almost 20 years. Very good customer service and more than I expected to get out of the deal."

Danny Clinton (Sacramento, CA) 01/15/19

"Really convenient and fast. If you want to sell your damaged car they have really good offers. Also staffs are very helpful and friendly!"

Shimeng Luo (Fresno, CA) 01/15/19

"It was a quick sell, right to the point and a pretty good amount for my car that I sold!"

Ulba Campuzano (Tacoma, WA) 01/11/19

"Garret was direct, honest, and gave me the best offer I could find. He also stuck to the agreement through the sale without any last minute tricks."

Gregg O'Malley (Morgantown, WV) 01/10/19

"Everyone was polite and courteous. They delivered the check and picked up the truck on the same visit."

Nicholas Schuetz (Roanoke, VA) 01/10/19

"Easy as 1-2-3 Called spoke to Miss Haley Miss Haley Set Up appt with Tow guys Tow guys called to schedule time Tow guys came on time , paid me & picked up car Miss Haley called to ensure things went well Thank You will definitely recommend Easy as. 1-2-3"

Coach Kainoa (Los Angeles, CA) 01/10/19

"I had a very good experience with this company. They were courteous at every step of the process, and kept in communication so I knew exactly what to do. I would recommend their services to a friend or family member."

Heather Scott (Norfolk, VA) 01/08/19

"Fast and easy service, guy on phone was very professional. Pick up and payment were on time,will recommend to my friends,"

Omar B (West Hartford, CT) 01/07/19

"Very nice experience parting with a favorite car! The tow truck driver was very nice and he even helped me to get the flying pig plaque off the back of my car!"

Cindy Strosser (Erie, PA) 01/04/19

"Very quick and easy transaction. Great company to deal with. Highly recommend!"

Joel Nickles (Post, TX) 01/03/19

"The service I received was great! I would tell anyone about this place and they had really nice people, picked up when they said they would. Great Service!"

Louise West (Stephenville, TX) 01/02/19

"Best experience that I had with my terrible car!! The offer was made and the car was picked up on the same day. Definitely provided the best and most realistic offer."

Jeremy Peterson (Salt Lake City, UT) 01/01/19

"Service was simple, quick and convenient. I was helped by Joshua and he ensured I was getting the best deal for my junk car. I was able to get it off my hands in less than 24 hours! I really recommend this service to anyone and will definitely be sure to contact them in the future if need be."

Aracely Rodriguez (Sacramento, CA) 01/01/19

"They made the process quick and easy. Professional and friendly, highly recommend."

Priscilla Zapata (San Jose, CA) 01/01/19

"I had a very good experience with this company. The person I dealt with was Candace. She was extremely helpful and very pleasant. Could not have had a better experience."

Edward Dry (Tulsa, OK) 12/30/18

"Very professional, highest price after comparison to other offers!"

Andre Morris (Jacksonville, FL) 12/30/18

"Customer service was great! The process went very smoothly! Thank you very much."

Doug Jones (Fresno, CA) 12/30/18

"Jonathan was awesome helping me get rid of my truck everything was fast, even during the busy holidays. I recommend them to friends and family and I will use them again. Thank you, Jonathan for making our holiday!"

Sue Jarosz (Erie, PA) 12/28/18

"Anybody that is planning or wants to sell their car for cash or just wants to get rid of there car this is the place to call great customer service, Great pay! I couldn’t be any happier with the customer service I received from joe! Again people I truly recommend this place! Excellent service from beginning to end!!"

Enzo Aguirre (Los Angeles, CA) 12/26/18

"Garrett was excellent lead me every step of the way. I had looked at another place to junk my car they (JunkCarZone) gave me a better price, I would recommend for anybody to go to car buyer for cash"

Ricardo Martinez (Victorville, CA) 12/24/18

"The tow truck driver was incredible and went over and beyond what he needed to do. He also helped me what starting my other car. He was courteous, friendly and respectful, Making my family's experience extremely happy and stress free. Thank you for all your help!"

Marie Brooks (Sacramento, CA) 12/23/18

"I thought it was going to be a hassle to get rid of that junker but this company made it surprisingly easy. They really help you every step of the way. They even called after to make sure everything went good with the tow truck driver and that I got my full amount promised."

Martin Ceballos (Los Angeles, CA) 12/22/18

"SO extraordinarily fast to respond, efficient with information, and a warm, pleasant follow-thru!! Made the BEST offer!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Do not hesitate to use them!!! ??"

Midge Shull (Penn Hills, PA) 12/21/18

"The folks at Junk Car Zone were pleasant to deal with. The tow driver was on time. I got paid on the spot. The whole transaction couldn't have gone any smoother. Thanks again!"

Victor Fuentes (Las Vegas, NV) 12/21/18

"Easy and fast service!"

Greg Hensley (Nashville, TN) 12/18/18

"These guys were totally awesome from start to finish! When the brake line failed in my 97 Altima, I feared I would have to pay a big towing bill to haul the carcass away. A couple weeks later, I found their ad online and and called. Not only was the tow free, they paid me generously for what was basically a collection of car parts! And they were so friendly and courteous... every single person I talked with! Even though it was two days before thanksgiving, they kept the process moving alon"

Ida Kanga (West Hartford, CT) 12/18/18

"Very good service."

Jairo Veras (Boston, MA) 12/17/18

"Everything is legit. A guy by the name of Joseph is the real MVP man. They bought my car, came to me, and were super friendly. Great company 10/10"

Giordan Tate (San Jose, CA) 12/15/18

"Great company to work with. Gave a fair price for my junk van. The entire process was quick and painless."

Temba Henry (Stephenville, TX) 12/12/18

"I was so worried about what I was going to do with my car and how I was going to move it. Then I found Junk Car Zone and they were so amazing! They gave me a higher amount of money for my car than anyone else (by far), and they worked with me to figure out how to get it done. They arranged for a towing company to meet me, and they went completely around my schedule and what was convenient for me! I didn’t have to do any of the work, I just had to show up. When I did get there the tow man immedia"

McKenzie Salas (Queen City, TX) 12/12/18

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