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Testimonials From Car Sellers

Our entire team strives to help car sellers with the most pleasant and professional experience possible.

Seller Testimonials

"They came at a later time to pick up my car because I had to catch the bus after work to meet them at my house. I really appreciate that I didn't have to try to figure out how to get off work early. They worked with me and made things so easy."

Zakiyyah Johnson (Minneapolis, MN) 11/08/18

"Very friendly and happy to help you with excellent attitudes and fair about their prices. Thank you junk car zone, awesome job!"

Justina Mckinnon 11/07/18

"I had an excellent experience with this company. Ashley assisted me step by step through the whole process of from the quote for my car down to the pick up of the car. She even helped me secure more money than my initial quote for my car. The wrecker service used to pick up my car once was friendly and professional. I highly recommend using Junk Car Zone for your buying car needs."

Edna Dawes (Charlotte, NC) 11/06/18

"I sold them a vehicle which I received a fair value for and I was paid on the spot. The tow driver was friendly and on time!"

Paul Herrera (Asheville, NC) 11/06/18

"Great customer service. Gave me more for my car than most others offered. The gentleman who came to tow the car was very kind and helpful. Definitely recommend these guys!"

CJ Flo (Alma, MI) 11/05/18

"Polite to work with and fair price offered!"

Holly Yamada (Minneapolis, MN) 11/05/18

"Very, very responsible company to sell a junk car very, very nice people. I like them very much, I really do!"

Shacni Lido (Minneapolis, MN) 10/29/18

"This transaction went super smooth. Great communication and willing to work with me when needed. The absolute best car selling experience I have ever had. Definitely would recommend you use their service. I know I will, if the need arises again in the future."

Derek Mckee (Charlotte, NC) 10/29/18

"Very professional, customer oriented, and clear communication! Very intuitive to the customers needs!"

Jocie Miller Hohman 10/18/18

"They are very helpful, reliable and also keep in touch with you whenever you need them!"

Levi Nyagaka (Minneapolis, MN) 10/17/18

"This company represents superior customer service. I would recommend them to anyone and I also will use them again in the future. Brad who was my representative; was highly motivated, truly dedicated and had a whatever it takes attitude when dealing getting my car sold. Brad is an example of what every employee with this company, should strive to be like."

Kendall Closs (Raleigh, NC) 10/15/18

"Very professional, fast and friendly! 1, 2, 3 done!! I will definitely contact if needed again."

Donna Mical (Raleigh, NC) 10/15/18

"Great service and follow-up. Thanks James. Everything done professionally and on time."

Stephen Armstrong (Greensboro, NC) 10/15/18

"I had a great experience with this company, great communication (always pleasant), the pickup driver had great customer service, open communication with me at all times. I would recommend this company too all my associates!"

Tonya Haynes (Raleigh, NC) 10/15/18

"Super fast process and keeps you informed. If I ever need another junk car gone they'll be the first to know."

Channing Hartfield (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 10/08/18

"Made the whole process simple and easy! Would recommend this service if you have an old car to get rid of."

Russell Rauch (Rockford, IL) 10/05/18

"Candace was amazing she got me top dollar for our car... thanks it helped a lot!"

Rose Bonaparte (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 10/04/18

"Very friendly and helpful customer service. Candace was a pleasure to work with. The whole process was easy and fast. The tow truck driver was courteous, professional, and exactly on time."

Kim Falgoust (Baton Rouge, LA) 10/02/18

"I just sold my Acura 2012 RDX seamlessly. I cannot stand buying and selling cars and this was amazingly simple. I was quoted a number that included the towing and title transfer. Natalie and the team worked to get me the desired price. Natalie got a different tow company to ensure I could get my check prior to a vacation. She asked for pictures to be able to get a price. The tow truck showed up at 6am (my preferred choice), he understood the car, got it on the bed, gave me the check that was alr"

Danielle Thibault (Upper Marlboro, MD) 10/02/18

"Really a good business. They picked my car up on my schedule and gave me more money than anybody else. I recommend these guys to anybody looking to sell a junk car."

Tom Hutchison (Alma, MI) 10/02/18

"Junk Car Zone is a great car remove service. They were prompt and gave me the money as promised. Thank you!"

Jose Mathew 10/01/18

"They gave us an offer within minutes and then increased the offer after we sent them pictures. Very nice and helpful when vehicle was picked up."

Luis Cepeda (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 09/27/18

"Smooth transaction and great communication with staff."

Leslie Ramos (Miami, FL) 09/27/18

"Very good experience. Got a fair price for my derelict car. Fast, courteous service. Honest, and kept in close communication. Tow truck driver was also excellent. I also got free towing. Please consider these folks for help with your derelict car."

Jonathan Dolce (Miami, FL) 09/27/18

"This company is the best. They really did offer me the most for my car, and I checked alot of places. They even helped me get a quick pick up since my car broke down at a fast food restaurant. And followed up afterwards to be sure everything went smoothly."

Katherine Beers (Orlando, FL) 09/27/18

"I would definitely recommend this company if you need to junk your car. I called yesterday and got a quote on how much they would pay me for my car. It was a lower offer in the beginning because I did not have pictures of my car. I sent him pics of car and they increased their offer and towed my car for free and covered the cost for the fees to transfer the title. It was such a smooth transaction. Matt was very helpful and explained to me how the process works. Excellent company."

Debbie Cox (Davenport, IA) 09/27/18

"I had a really good experience selling my 2003 Tahoe. I was offered more someplace else and these guys not only matched, but went above the other offer! The whole process took less than 45 minutes to complete and my car was picked up the same day. Within 2 hours! The tow truck driver was super nice and wrote me a check for the amount I had agreed to. Candace was also really friendly and efficient and even checked in the following day to make sure everything went smoothly. Great job!!"

H. Poole (Los Angeles, CA) 09/26/18

"This was quick Easy and Efficient. I was quoted prior to pick up. No dickering about price, paid on the spot. I highly recommend."

Elizabeth Carmichael (San Jose, CA) 09/26/18

"Marco and rest of staff made selling my truck an easy and pleasant experience highly professional in all aspects of sale hat's off to them."

Ed Held (San Jose, CA) 09/26/18

"On time and professional. If i need to I will definitely go back. I work graveyard and this is the only place that worked with me."

Octavio Rosengrant (Victorville, CA) 09/26/18

"The experience of selling my vehicle wad painless and quick. The entire process was simple and stress free. The staff (Alyssa and the driver) were professional, helpful and informative throughout the process. Thank you!!!"

Ketty Bien (Atlanta, GA) 09/25/18

"Gave exactly what they said, when they said they were coming. I got my check and left, he finished taking the car."

Aaron Cook (Raleigh, NC) 09/25/18

"I sold my totalled car to them recently. I’m very happy with their services, process speed, reasonable offer, everything.... Two thumbs up here!"

Hongqi Jia (Boston, MA) 09/25/18

"The service was quick and easy. Would definitely recommend."

Amber Hendricks (Baltimore, MD) 09/25/18

"Quick, honest. no hassle and 2 the point!"

Robert Bennett (Alma, MI) 09/25/18

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